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Installing the latest driver for your device is usually the best policy because it has all the latest fixes for your device. However, sometimes using an older driver is better because the same driver files are used for different PC models at times, but things don’t always work as expected.

Graphic Drivers:

  • What they are: Graphic Drivers is a software that is used to control the graphics chip-set that is integrated onto the motherboard. Usually you need to download the graphic driver from the same manufacturer as the graphics card that is being used.
  • What they do: Getting Graphic drivers are usually used to solve display issues like, black or gray screens showing instead of the image being displayed or when the screen displays elements slowly.

Sound Drivers:

  • What they are: Sound Drivers are used to sort out audio devices like headphones, microphones and speakers. Usually drivers for audio devices are downloaded as soon as their plugged in using Windows audio drivers.
  • What they do: Sound divers help make those devices work like getting sound out of the devices. It also helps get the best quality out of the device.


Graphic Processors and Displays

  • What is a Graphic Processor?
    A GPU is used to accelerate the process and creation of images on a hardware device. the world’s first GPU was the GeForce 256 by Nvidia in 1999.
  • Types of graphic processors:
    • Dedicated Graphics cards: Dedicated GPU is when the GPU uses its own memory and processor so, it relies on itself to work
    • Integrated Graphics cards: Integrated GPU is when the GPU is integrated into the CPU so, it takes memory and processing power from the rest of the device.
    • Hybrid Graphics Processing: hybrid means that the GPU is both integrated and dedicated methods to give options for how much power usage the device uses and performance output from the device.
  • Types of Displays
    • LED (Light-Emitting Diode) display is a a screen display that uses a panel of LEDs as the light source to display content from the device.
    • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) is a display that uses a vacuum tube coated with phosphors to emit light onto the display from the device
  • VR Headset Displays
    • Comprised of 2 small led screens that displays in 720p


Modern Consoles

Nintendo Switch – Developed by Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch is both a console and a handheld portable console. the Switch has a built-in screen with a video output of 720p but can go up to 1080p on a TV. For its CPU it uses an NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor. Some of its limitations is that it has low battery life that lasts up to around 6 hours.

Xbox One – Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One is a console that has a 500 GB hard drive and uses a 8 core AMD custom CPU and also uses cloud storage to improve performance. The problem that people have with the Xbox One is that it has is that user’s activities are shared constantly so, Xbox doesn’t have good privacy settings.

PS4 – Developed by SONY, PS4 is the console rivaling Xbox One, it also has a hard drive of 500GB but does have a 1TB option. The PS4 uses an AMD Jaguar 8 cores processor. The PS4 also has a 1080p video output and supports 4K.

WiiU – Developed by Nintendo, The Wii U released in 2012 it uses a IBM Power multi-core processor with AMD graphics. Games on the Wii U can both be played on the TV or on the Wii U game pad which makes the Wii U  semi portable. Its limitation is that the portability of the console is limited to range like when the game pad is too far away from the console it will disconnect the user from the game.

Older Consoles by the Current Companies.

XBOX 360 – Developed by Microsoft
PS3 – Developed by SONY
Wii – Developed by Nintendo

XBOX – Developed by Microsoft
PS2 – Developed by SONY
Gamecube – Developed by Nintendo

PlayStation – Developed by SONY
Nintendo 64 – Developed by Nintendo

Handheld Portable  Consoles

PSVita – Developed by SONY
Nintendo 3DS – Developed by Nintendo
PSP – Developed by SONY
Nintendo DS – Developed by Nintendo
Gameboy Advanced SP – Developed by Nintendo
Gameboy Colour – Developed by Nintendo
Nintendo Gameboy – Developed by Nintendo

Time Lines of both Consoles and Portable Consoles.

Console Timeline Portable Console timeline