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Linux & Steam OS

Linux is An open Source OS which has allowed for a variety of different distributions which have different features and functions, below are some of the more Popular Distributions

  • Ubuntu-Debian
    • Ubuntu is an Popular Alternative to windows as it tries to make Linux as accessible as possible while still allowing the more advanced users to use the powerful tools of linux.
  • Mint-Debian
    • Similar To Ubuntu mint also tries to make Linux as accessible as possible by emulating the layout of windows.
  • Arch Linux
    • Arch Linux Is light weight allowing the user to heavily customise the OS and add the features they want, because of this the installation process is rather complex requiring heavy use of the terminal to configure Arch.

Steam OS

Steam OS Logo

In 2013 Steam Released their own Debian Linux Based OS called Steam OS its purpose was to bring PC gaming to the living room and was meant to be used with valve’s Steam machines which were mini PC designed to be used as an living room console.

Steam OS Menu Screen

Steam OS was Not successful mainly due to the limited number of games that have been developed for Linux but also because Steam OS and Steam machines main competitors Xbox and PlayStation provide a wider game selection, cost less and also can be used as media centres

What Is RAM? Baby Don’t RAM me no more(DRAM, SRAM & SDRAM)

Not this type of Ram ->

RAM stand for Random Access Memory, and is typically volatile meaning that the data is deleted once the is no power.

There are three common types of RAM(not including the animal) DRAM, SRAM & SDRAM.

RAM has recently increased in price due to Crypto Mining and a lack of supply



  • stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • Its Volatile which means that any data stored on the DIM will be lost if there is a loss of power. This makes RAM useful for programmes which want to temporarily store data which can be called upon quickly and doesn’t need to be permanently stored.


  • Static random-access memory
    • Unlike  DRAM, SRAM is not need to be refreshed
  • Consumes a low amount of power
  • Expensive
  • small capacity compared to DRAM
  • Some versions can be non-volatile meaning that the data is saved even if power is lost.



  • Synchronous dynamic  Random Access Memory
  • DDR SDRAM(Double Data rate synchronous dynamic Random access memory)
  • Different iterations each improving on the last such as voltages and clock speeds :
    • DDR 1- bus clock: 100-200 MHz
      • Voltage: 2.5
    • DDR 2- bus Clock: 200- 533.33 MHz
      • Voltage: 1.8
    • DDR 3- Bus Clock: 400–1066.67 MHz
      • Voltage: 1.5
    • DDR 4- Bus Clock: 1066.67–2133.33 MHz
      • Voltage: 1.05

Popular Arcade games

Some of the most popular arcade games from the 70’s on PacManwards

  • Pong(1972)
  • Space Invaders(1978)
  • PacMan(1980)
  • Ms PacMan(1981)
  • Donkey Kong(1981)
  • Mortal Combat(1992)
  • Tetris(1984)


Pong is considered the first arcade game, it was released in 1972. Pong is a simple 2D tennis game, it was published and developed by Atari.

Pong Arcade Machine
Pong Arcade Machine




Space invaders:

Space invaders was played from a table top arcade machine which required you to enter a certain amount of money before you could play. The original space invaders is a single player game.


Originally released in japan on may 22nd 1980 by Namco in Japan and was later released in North America on October 26th 1980

Pac Man Bug
Pac Man Arcade Machine

You play as a yellow circle, there are 255 levels, there would be more but a bug makes it impossible to progress any further. You were unable to go over 999,990 points, if you were to go that score the game will only keep the final 6 digits of the score.




Donkey Kong:

Donkey Kong in game
Donkey Kong in game
Donkey Kong Arcade Machine
Donkey Kong Arcade Machine

First released by Nintendo in 1981, Donkey Kong is a platform game, where the player has to dodge various obstacles thrown by Donkey Kong. you play as “JumpMan” who would later become Mario. By 1982 Nintendo had managed to 60,000 units and make $180,000,000





Released in 1984 by Alexey Pajitnov, the name Tetris is a mixture of the greek word of “tetra” and Alexey’s favourite sport Tennis, the game is the first game to be released from the Soviet union, The game was first released on the Electronika 60 which was made within the Soviet Union. Tetris is Nintendo’s 6th best selling game for the NES

Original Tetris
Original Tetris

Original Tetris theme ^^^^