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Old vs New Phone
Old vs New Phone

Handheld Mobile Devices

Mobile gaming has come a long way. Over the past few years we’ve gone from simple distractions like SnakeWords With Friends and Doodle Jump to full-on narrative experiences crafted specifically for Android and iOS devices. What’s more, at least a few traditional console game developers have shifted entirely to mobile at this point, and, in a bit of a reversal, they’ve ported their games to consoles. By 2012, game-design tool sets like Unity and Unreal made a charming indie designed for mobile devices indistinguishable from one you’d play on a PlayStation or Xbox. As such, for the purposes of this list, we’re focusing on games that have been released within the past five years. There is a growing market in mobile gaming and continues to grow in conjunction through the development of console games.

Mobile Phone Timeline
Mobile Phone Timeline

As seen in the time line above the use of mobile phones have come along way. Back in 1983, there were mobile phones but they are too heavy and bulky to carry around let alone game on them. They did not have the technology and the user interface to have some serious and small games on it. Moving onto late 90’s and early 2000’s the break through in small mobile gaming came along such as the very popular “snake” game which is still popular in some nostalgic people. As time moves on, the technology advancements is mind blowing such as better graphics, bigger screens and faster processors have allowed for better development of games. Companies such as Apple and Android have developed app stores to allow for developers of games to create their own mobile game which is good and publish them on the app stores for people to play.


Snake VS Angry Birds
Snake VS Angry Birds

The two images above show how far games have come. Both games are played on mobile devices but look very different graphically. As seen in the image with the Nokia “Snake” was a stand out integrated game which many people played in their spare time. To this day people do play this game for a trip down memory lane. It it a pixel based game where you have to control a snake and get it as big as possible within a confined space. With Angry Birds, it is more complicated as you have to fire the birds via slingshot and aim for the pigs in order to progress onto the next level. Even with this brief description, the Angry Birds game sounds more complex as there is levels and you have more than one objective which is good.


GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile telephony system that is widely used in Europe and other parts of the world. GSM uses a variation of time division multiple access (TDMA) and is the most widely used of the three digital wireless telephony technologies (TDMA, GSM, and CDMA). GSM digitizes and compresses data, then sends it down a channel with two other streams of user data, each in its own time slot. It operates at either the 900 MHz or 1800 MHz frequency band. This allow for online gaming perhaps and being able to connect to the internet to play against other players or games that are based off of servers such as world wide popular Clash Of Clans which in which internet connection is need in order to play the game.


3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaborative project aimed at developing globally acceptable specifications for third generation (3G) mobile systems.The 3GPP caters to a large majority of the telecommunications networks in the world. It is the standard body behind UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), which is the 3G upgrade of GSM. Most cellular networks on the planet are based on GSM. This is an evolution of GSM, this is more reliable and faster when having access to the internet and is used on mobile phones during this modern day. 4G has now been released and is said to be faster than a standard 3G connection so it can be better for gaming which is good on mobile devices.

Mobile Gaming Limitations

  • Some games cost money to download of the app stores.
  • Have to download the game to be able to play it.
  • Lag and advertisements within the game with may cause irritation to the use.
  • Not all phones support flash e.g. some windows phones.